Software and business intelligence solutions are essential to meet customer expectations for fast, reliable, and innovative service. Without BI analytics and agile operational solutions, organizations cannot respond quickly to changing customer needs. Nexius experts take a value-based approach to designing software solutions. With a complete understanding of both raw technology (analytics, network management, NFV, SDN) and direct industry experience, we are uniquely positioned to maximize the business value of every implementation. Nexius has created optimized data mining techniques that predict customer demand for wireless services and then provide advanced network management solutions to reliably and dynamically support customer data needs. As a technology-agnostic company that has deep partnerships with industry-leading vendors, Nexius is known for designing optimal solutions that are carefully constructed to align with our customer’s key business requirements. Our software engineers and systems integrators are industry leaders in BI analytics, cloud solutions, and emerging network management strategies. Nexius plans, develops and optimizes each software solution for long-term success and fully validates all aspects prior to deployment.